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Rocket Recap: Progress Report – 04/30/2023

NFT Update

Minting Site

Introducing, the ‘Crypto Dome’ – our official Mint site. We have added simple wallet/web3 integration & it is absolutely AWESOME. We may still enhance the wallet functionality and iron out some small bugs so for now, here is a screenshot of the landing page. Locked inside those pods are the official Genesis NFTs waiting to come to life. The Mint site has some very cool functionality that you’ll able to see when it goes live. For now, we will keep this on standby until the launch is ready.

NFT Generation

Successful testing and generation of the collection locally, rendering the assets at the highest quality. There were some last-minute tweaks made to certain meshes and materials but we are feeling very confident and proud of the NFTs as they exist now.

Memory Lane

In the last recap, we talked about how you almost had 2D Apollo NFTs. For entertainment purposes, we went back through the archives and dug up an ancient version of Apollo to show you. Incredible how dramatic our shift from 2D to 3D was.

Taking the time to do this the right way, we all now have the much more mature, refined, & functional Apollo and Friends collection. It was not easy to take everything we had and set it aside to make this overhaul, but as you can see – it was so worth it.

(High Resolution Sneak Peek Example Below)

Ecosystem Updates

Security Review

The team has been taking measures to increase operational security across the board. This is not a ‘new’ update necessarily, but serves as a good reminder that our ecosystem builders are constantly reviewing our current practices and methods to find more secure and sustainable ways forward. With every piece of functionality added to any software, network, or ecosystem, there is always a non-negligible and comparable amount of attack surface that comes along with it. We are doing our best to bring as much functionality to the future of the Rocket ecosystem while also minimizing the amount of risk introduced.

Partnership Update

Everything is progressing as intended. Our partner is attending a global conference and tapping their network to determine the best option forward for the Rocket ecosystem.

Contract Update

We are currently in the process of identifying areas where we can improve the contract’s functionality. Several changes have been implemented so far that have helped to enhance the contract’s safety & efficiency. These modifications have focused on streamlining processing times and improving accuracy. Based on the progress made thus far, we anticipate that the new smart contract will exceed our previous internal expectations in terms of performance and functionality. With the diamond standard being put into practice we will have a proxy pattern. The primary benefit is the modularity allowed by the diamond standard not previously possible with legacy standards. The main drawback is that people find a lack of trust in proxy contracts since there is no way to verify with complete certainty that the code will not be altered. If you have an opinion on this please bring the discussion to our Discord community – let your voice be heard! If no major issues arise around this concept, will will continue courageously forward with the current plan.


Game Development

New Character Control Upgrades, Damage Indicators

Check out some of the exciting new additions to the game. You will be able to move your character throughout the map for various reasons like picking up extra resources, defending vulnerable towers, interacting with different functions of maps, and exploring hidden secrets. We’ve also added a quality-of-life context menu to your in-game characters for simple movement and management. You also catch a glimpse of the damage indicator functionality.

Emergency Rescue Drones

Did one of your characters take a little too much damage? Perhaps a fiery lava rock hurtled down from space and crushed them into the cold planetary surface? …Good thing you and your team came equipped with a highly efficient medical drone and paired medical system built right into your mining rigs! With the press of the distress signal on your character, your medical drone will save your character. They will then be automatically available again to resume the fight after their healing process has been fully completed.


New Scene Design

At the moment most of Apollo’s space hangar is under heavy modification. Below you can see in-progress screenshots of the new cryogenics/incubator room. Things are starting to look much better!

We are so incredibly excited to start rolling things out and getting the ecosystem online!

Things are still just starting to heat up – time to keep pushing!

Thank you for riding with the #RocketCrew! Stay tuned to our other socials for more updates!

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

Robert Greene
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