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You can acquire RocketBUSD using fiat directly from your debit or credit card via the on ramping widget. For more information on ways to acquire, we have a few videos out using Trust Wallet or Meta Mask on our Token Info page.


A reflection mechanism can be defined as a process in which tokens act as a self-generating mechanism for their holders. As every transaction is taxed you receive tokens automatically simply by holding the token. The reflection mechanism was developed with the hopes of transforming the concept of yield generation in the DeFi ecosystem.


Here is a breakdown of the top wallets and their purpose:

10% – Buy-Back
5% – Founder (x2)
2.5% – Marketing
2.5% – Development
1% – Auxiliary (x5)

These values were selected with long term health of the project in mind and to protect against an early whale being able to own too much of the supply with no benefit to the project long term. There is an option to lock the tokens in these wallets and or turn off reflections to the Marketing/Development/Auxiliary/Buyback Wallets.

The five auxiliary wallets that were initially sent 1% of the total supply from the deployer wallet to generate BUSD were eventually to be used in order to fund and acquire talent. Our initial approach was to give a wallet to marketing agencies, etc in return for services.

Due to the rapid adoption and love for the token, we are going to be able to do much more with these wallets than expected – we are still determining which direction we want to go with them for the longevity of the project and community.

There is a possibility of using a token locker, if the community wishes to do so at some point.

Another possibility is using the BUSD reflections generated by the wallets to add to the liquidity pool or buy-back wallet, with absolutely no need to sell any tokens. We may have community discussions on what would be the best course of action for these wallets to benefit our holders.

[Wallet Addresses]
Buy-Back Wallet  – 0xfa18fe704a69a05c9bfdb20add468d452af19cdd
Development Wallet – 0x4879b597090f9fcb256977940799c9cf220e5a36
Marketing Wallet – 0x8dfe0329a54027fad140e9d7f055151eefb34128
Auxiliary Wallet – 0x3c2eb3e82443d943de1ae9ca1bff38565bd2e483
Auxiliary Wallet – 0x3cbda95b4feecf9fa73f6298be927c05e3e48d28
Auxiliary Wallet – 0xfca9be812b01f3c3261edf407571b470c96fd406
Auxiliary Wallet – 0x3a33abdc679b36f9d9782a034432dc7d4d1bee0e
This wallet has been given in exchange for goods and/or services.
Auxiliary Wallet – 0x202f8d59718fc571bbaa2b7d673de2837b680d84
This wallet has been given in exchange for goods and/or services.


DeFi refers to financial applications built on blockchain technology that enable digital transactions between multiple parties. The blockchain is essentially a public ledger for digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. DeFi can involve lending crypto, sending crypto, or investing crypto.


"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

Robert Greene
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