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Rocket Recap: Progress Report – 03/11/2023

Why Can’t I see Rocket in my Wallet?

We’ve been getting many questions asking why Rocket is not showing in tracking or wallet apps. This is because these services rely on CoinMarketCap for market data & if you navigate to RocketBUSD on CMC, you will see that we are currently untracked.

What Does This Mean?

It might seem like a scary notion that we are untracked, but not to worry, we’ll quickly break down what this means for you.

To start, let’s clarify the current reason for being untracked:

Guidelines for ‘Tracked Listings’ B(3)

Must be traded publicly, and actively traded on at least one (1) exchange (with material volume) that has tracked listing status on CoinMarketCap.

TLDR; there has been low volume for a long enough time that we’ve fallen below the CMC threshold of an ‘actively tracked’ listing. 

So… Is It All Gone?


Nothing has changed with the tokens you hold except for the fact that you may want to check market data and statistics on another platform. (Examples Below)

Pancake Swap | Bogged Finance


Devs Pls Fix?! & Moving Forward

We’d truly love to, however, this is something that falls outside our direct capability of ‘fixing’. This is a result of low market participation & will alleviate itself if and when conditions improve. As a community, we are heading towards a contract upgrade which would also include the rollout of a new CMC page with updated social links, contract information, etc. – directly resolving the problem users are seeing. Technically, this could resolve itself before then as well in the presence of more consistent router activity.


USDC Happenings

As stated last week, due to regulatory concerns in the United States, the ecosystem BUSD reserves were recently converted to USDC. We know of Circle’s exposure to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and are closely monitoring the situation. Please reach out in the community discord if there are any questions, comments, or concerns on this. We will post a follow-up update if there are any changes or important information that warrant further action.


Alright, now for some more exciting updates!


Game Development

This is a real screenshot from in-game  👀


– Mobile Networking: The mobile version of the game now connects with the game infrastructure server. User account creation added.

– Bug Fixes, Bug Fixes, More Bug Fixes: We are taking the time to ensure the foundation is as solid as possible. The bug backlog is being created and worked on continuously by the team.

– Inventory Management Screen: Added a high-level ‘manage everything’ screen so users are able to find all their items in one convenient place instead of having to jump around the game to view various items. We could have a visual reveal on this feature as soon as the next recap.

– Drone Functionality: The Apollo & Friends gaming universe is full of tough worlds that will require you to make use of all the tools made available to you. Don’t worry, you have a lot more than just rocket-towers to help defend your mining rig. See Below.

NEW & IMPROVED Apollo Assistance Drone 🤖

Shoutout to everyone in the community staying positive and working together to make this something to be proud of, you are appreciated!


Have an amazing weekend!

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"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

Robert Greene
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