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Rocket Recap: Progress Report – 11/8/2023


Thank you for being here to join us in celebrating the two-year anniversary of Rocket this week! I could have never anticipated how much time, effort, sweat, and tears go into a project like this, but am so grateful to be here building and able to bring you these updates. Thank you for your patience & understanding while we continue to grow together.

Thank You


Improved User Interface Layout

The user interface has been the weakest component of the game. We’ve taken many steps in the right direction. Most notably, we did a complete overhaul to reposition and change the entire menu system/flow. This resulted in a much better (still ugly) overall feel. We are working on a complete UX graphics system that will look better.


Added Drone Upgrades & Types

The support drone system has been upgraded to allow for different drones with individual stats and abilities. Instead of just one dedicated drone, players will be able to collect and upgrade different drones!


Improved Ship Customization

The ship hangar & upgrade system has undergone a complete overhaul. You can now upgrade each component individually. Each component has a unique in-game impact on how the ship will perform. Certain ship configurations will fare better for different scenarios based on how you’re playing.
We’ve also added a “paint shop” mechanic, where users will be able to collect, craft, and apply different colors to their ship!


Added Level Progression/Unlock System

Besides just resources, players also have an ‘account level’. You will level up throughout the game by completing tasks, successful new mining runs, and missions. Most levels on planets now start locked and can be unlocked as you progress through the game. Some levels require only a certain level while others require both a certain level and some resources.


Level Resource Details, Requirements & Tower Loadouts

Some levels will now require a certain amount of ore or credits as a fee for entry. These will undoubtedly contain plenty of ore to mine and highly sought-after and difficult rewards for the adventurer willing to risk some of their own in return for the opportunity. You can now see the % chance of resource extraction prior to entering a level so you can plan your storage capacity accordingly. Players will now be able to choose a “loadout” of towers when entering each level. Choose carefully as each level may have enemies and bosses that have extreme elemental buffs!


Changed Earth Levels to Geographically Significant Locations

The levels on the starting planet (Something we all have in common, Earth) have been stylized to follow vague geographically/culturally significant features of our world. Each level provides its own unique flavor and spin to the current gameplay loops. We are looking forward to getting feedback from the community on which maps are the most fun to play!


Upgraded Mining Facility

The mining station on each level has been upgraded and simplified for greater usability. The aesthetics and general visual improvements are welcomed alongside smaller tweaks.

Player Inventory

A complete account-based inventory has been added to the game. This will allow users to collect and store all types of collectibles, character skins, items, and more!


Trade-Up Functionality

The ability to destroy/recycle lower-quality items for a chance at a higher-quality item has been added to the game. The functionality will work with most in-game items.


Loot Boxes

Before you get scared, these have been implemented primarily as a way for beta testers to get access to things that will originate from outside the game within the Rocket ecosystem. We are working on implementing a fun & fair loot box system that does not prey on end users but focuses on making certain aspects of the game more accessible.


Accessories Now In-Game

All of the traits included in the NFT collection are now working correctly in the game. All hats, suits, colors, and accessories ( which will be available soon via the NFT collection) have been imported and are working within the game infrastructure.


Boots on the Ground

Players can now get in the fight directly by taking control of an in-game character & shooting at the enemy waves! With this genre-bending mechanic, we are introducing a new dimension to maps that others have completely missed. Set up your towers & start exploring the map, unlocking new secrets, fighting new enemies, and finding hidden rewards!


Mystery Chests

When playing on a level, you may periodically see chests spawn. You can collect the coins in these chests by running over them with any of your characters. Beware, these chests aren’t as simple as they seem. Some may be ordinary chests that contain coins, others may trigger a sneak attack against you! We’ve also added a “Mob Compendium” that will tell you everything you need to know about the monsters you’re fighting. The example above is a work in progress, but will eventually contain accurate descriptions and have more of a “holographic” vibe.






Smart Contract

As previously stated, the contract upgrade has been moved up on the priority list due to the broad concerns surrounding the Binance network. We will go into further details again in the future. The contract upgrading is moving forward as expected. A new diamondized contract specialized for use in Rocket games and other parts of the digital ecosystem has been architected & implemented. We are moving to validate and perform rigorous security checks on the new contract.


Due to the regulatory climate surrounding Binance and the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), the Rocket Genesis token project (currently named RocketBUSD) will be migrating chains in line with the contract upgrade taking place. We are taking measures to ensure this process is smooth and easy, even for users who have not participated in the destination chain ecosystem.


There have been some minor adjustments to the website. Making room for things to come.

Partnership Update

We are delighted to share the news of successfully concluding the final approval phase, officially marking the start of the implementation stage. As we embark on this exciting journey, our unwavering commitment remains steadfast in the development of essential systems and the integration of our new partner into our ecosystem. This partnership assumes a central role within our broader strategic vision, symbolizing a pivotal milestone in our ongoing progression. While the initial launch may appear modest in scale and functionality, it stands as the crucial first step. Over time, we anticipate this collaboration will naturally evolve into a comprehensive feature set, poised to have a lasting impact on the complete Rocket ecosystem. More details coming soon.





Core Team

Numerous inquiries have arisen regarding the need for an update due to recent events in the crypto space. It is crucial to emphasize that these circumstances have no connection to Rocket, and the individual in question has never had access to the current contract or its associated wallets. We have opted to suspend his participation as a technical advisor on the core team until further notice. It’s important to highlight that Rocket remains unaffected by and uninvolved in the actions of this individual. We express our appreciation for his valuable contributions to shaping our ecosystem over the past year and a half. With that said, we strongly condemn any malicious actors in the industry and will closely monitor the legal proceedings before considering any further actions regarding this matter.



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