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Rocket Recap: Progress Report – 04/16/2024

Rocket Genesis

Partnership Progress

A few months have passed since we moved over to the implementation phase of the ecosystems’ new partnership. Since then, we have successfully set up the next steps for “Go live” as well as how we can best let the community know of our new capabilities as a project when the time is ready. The implementation was set to have already gone live, however during an internal compliance review it was determined that our current website infrastructure will not meet the new systems’ needs. Specifically, the website and backend server security will be receiving an upgrade. Your safety and security when utilizing services built by the Rocket community is our highest priority and the changes are being done preemptively to get up to and beyond future industry standards. These security upgrades will also function as a starting point for further ecosystem development to be built on-top of. We’ve already taken the necessary steps to get this process started. We are working closely with our partners and the other entities involved to bring this online and to the community as soon as possible. There is some serious work being done under the hood!


Improved User Interface Implementation V1.0

The entire UX has been updated to be more usable on both desktop and mobile. Every aspect of the game from the upgrade screens to the shop or the map selection screen has undergone major visual upgrades. The tower placement selection has been moved to a more convenient location preventing un-needed extra clicks and navigation. No more ugly red/blue bars above mobs! Now there are icons that correspond to their shield/health! Almost all controls now have a custom icon or visual. Take a look at some of examples of updated menus from the latest build!:

Mission Screen Visual Upgrades:
Character Upgrade/ Level Up Visual Upgrades:
Mission Screen Visual Upgrades:

Crafting System Overhaul

Users will be able to burn unwanted items for a chance at a higher quality item! Beware, there is a chance all items are burned and removed from supply forever!


Players can now bring in some reinforcements to help fend off the waves of enemies!

You can select and call down a reinforcement trap that each deal damage to enemies in unique ways.

After placing the trap, you will need to run your characters over and setup the trap care package which will then auto-deploy!
Traps have officially rolled out to ALPHA testers in the latest build. We are excited to see which ones are the favorites!

More Ore and End-Game options Galore!

When mining ore on a planet, your storage will fill up and you are able to exit the level and bring your new resources back to base. Now, users will have the option to try their luck at multiplying their resource stack! We are working on balancing this for fun and value.

Thank You!

Between game development, partnership progress and the security updates, there is clearly a lot of exciting things under construction in the Rocket Genesis ecosystem. We are looking forward to providing more of these smaller, more consumable updates. We would love to hear from you, so please join in our discord linked below. We are still online and building daily!


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