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Rocket Recap: Progress Report – 2/18/2022

We’ve had an outstanding week filled with progress and can’t wait to share what we have accomplished with you all.

Let’s review some of the key highlights from this past week:

  • Telegram HaltIn an effort to have a more concentrated approach around our community, we have made the decision to halt all Telegram activity. Our channel will be muted until further notice and will solely be used to push updates and announcements, while focusing on the growth of Discord, Twitter and Reddit.
  • Community GovernanceLet your voices and ideas be heard! Our community is top priority and has always been at the forefront of our project. While the contract upgrades are still underway, we can proactively implement methods of community governance. In the next week or two, we’ll be setting up a community voting pipeline on the website. There are a few polls to expect, such as voting for a new logo or adding a BUSD liquidity pool.
  • P2E Game Progress We have shifted from an ideation phase and are now currently in the creative process, discussing how the NFT’s can be implemented, how they will exist across the Rocket Ecosystem and how they will work with in-game economics. We want to make it truly fun, engaging and something we’re proud of. This will be something the space as a whole will find refreshing and brand new.
  • Contract ProgressWe’ve come a long way from where we’ve started. We want to really innovate and create meaningful changes, taking time to make sure things are done right – measuring several times and cutting once, as they say. Stay tuned for more updates!
  • Marketing Update – You will see some major changes in the near future, possibly as early as this month. We are close to signing up with some great outlets to get the publicity that we deserve, which will lead to significantly more traffic. We will be reaching out to ‘different ponds’, making sure the current community is heard while also providing growth and adding more members. That is exactly what the new marketing strategy is about. Solidifying, deploying the right type of marketing for the current stage Rocket is in.
  • NFT Vision – We’ve brought together an entire NFT team. We want our NFT’s to have utility and play an integral part in the Rocket Ecosystem. Perhaps your Elephant can be your PFP, which allows you to unlock a skin unique to you! There are quite a few different routes we can take with this. From switching art styles to creating new base characters, we are taking a look from all angles to create something unique and meaningful. A key focus is being able to bridge between multiple networks, with the possibility of using our own protocol depending on contract upgrades. Swapping between chains, there will be a hybrid approach to take the NFT’s outside of our internal marketplace, to then put it on OpenSea.
  • Solidifying Structures – We are continuously strengthening Rocket’s foundation for sustainable growth and success. We are taking a more focused approach to achieve our goals and hit the roadmap timelines more efficiently. From strategy analysis & planning, to innovating core objectives that are both qualitative and quantitative, our next phases will then be discussions based around community voting.
  • Exchange Updates – We are in close contact with multiple exchanges. With the contract upgrades on the horizon, it’s important that they are completed prior to any exchange listings to prevent any complications.

Thank you for riding with us #RocketCrew! Stay tuned to our socials for more updates!

– The Rocket Genesis Crew

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

Robert Greene
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